In the past 5 years I have rediscovered the knitting skills taught to me by my grandmother and great grandmother when I was a young child. I’m sure they never thought I would amount to much of a knitter, but they patiently taught me as much as I wanted to learn and gladly repaired my mistakes.

I did not carry any love for knitting into adulthood. Oh, there was the occasional sweater for husband or child, but I had no passion for the craft.

Now in my retirement, I have become a Knitter. I have rediscovered the fiber world, and there is no turning back. The grandmothers would be surprised to know I now knit socks and shawls and hats and gloves. I finally have the love for knitting that they tried to instill in me.

So off we go into this adventure, the three of us … sisters in DNA or spirit.


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