Finished Objects Friday – What Say Ye, Ladies?

Inky: Ok my KAL sweater is almost finished. Heh. Ok maybe one part – the back – is almost finished, but will finish it today.

In the meantime, I needed a little distraction, some almost-immediate gratification and a gift to send to my Great Niece for her birthday part 1.

I chose Bella’s Mittens. by Marielle Henault on Ravelry.








I am using a moderately priced yarn that I have used in the past for a kid’s knit which was hardy and slow to pill after constant use – Lion’sBrand Wool Ease Chunky Indigo colorway.




Here it is during construction. I am very pleased with the results and plan on knitting this pattern again.


Looking a Bit Like Old Paint’s Blanket lol

Inky:Oh jeeze.

I whizzed through the decreases, albeit with some “has difficulty reading instructions” issues.

Went onto the increases, and had to fudge a little because my row gauge ‘might’ be a little off.

But still, so far so good.

And I finished up the armhole shaping  ok.

Now I’m in the land of endless knitting to get my length of armhole.

What the H*ll! Now I’m kind of a literal instruction reader – i.e. you best be giving it to me short and to the point, because I will either zone out and miss a step, or I will skip the instructions altogether lol.

But either I haven’t knit that many armhole shaping sweaters, which is true, or I need it really spelled out.

It says, and I quote, “Knit even till armhole measures blah, blah.” Now, do I measure the height from armhole beginning, or along the edge of the armhole to get my total?

What say ye fellow KAL-ers?

PS: See how the yarn is knitting out uneven? Or am I knitting uneven? Or am I stretching the yarn a bit in some places? Or am I asking too many questions lol? ———————>


ninnawe:  I wanted to bring up the matter of decreases in this KAL.  The directions simply specify “decrease on each so-and-so row”.  So, what exactly does that mean?  I looked through several of my knitting how-to books for guidance.  The choices seemed to be either knit 2 together at the beginning and end of the row, or bind off 1 at the beginning of two rows.  In either case, I thought this might disrupt the edge stitches and cause a lump when sewing together.  I wanted to maintain the edge selvedge the same all along the side, so what I decided to do is a variation on the K2tog idea:

On the dec row (always on the right side):  K 2 stitches, K2tog, knit to last 4 stitches, k2tog, K last 2 stitches.

I’ve finished the shaping decreases now on the back, and am pleased with how it turned out.  The edges are consistent, and the k2tog is not noticeable.

For me, each decrease row was followed by 11 rows of knitting (or every 12th row was a decrease row).

Merrily I Roll Along…

Inky: Wheeee!

I have finished the back shaping and onto the increasing again. I have over 13″ complete. In Inky knitting that’s like a bazillion inches ha. I am not a long-project knitter by birth.

One thing I noticed: even though it’s a garter stitch and all, and I’m a pretty even knitter, in places it looks a bit wonky. I’m thinking it may be the uneven thickness of the yarn? Am hoping it blocks to look more consistent.

And I have to admit, I sort of misread the directions when it said, ” Dec at the edge of each row.” I decreased one edge. Then when I turned the next row, I decreased at the beginning there. I’m not sure that it will, in fact, matter I will have to remember to do the same when it comes to the front pieces.

But all in all, I am pleased. 🙂

Ready to Begin Again

Ninnawe:   I frogged my sweater back to nothingness.  But before I did, I took a gauge measurement, and also held up the entire piece across my ample rear end.  I learned two things:  (1) my gauge is a little off from the pattern specifications, and (2) the piece fits perfectly as is.

The drape was just perfect for the sweater IMHO, so I am proceeding in confidence with the 120 stitch cast on.  It will be slightly larger than the pattern size, but not as big as the next size.  I can live with that.

I also have to keep up with my Christmas gift projects, and have completed 2 pairs of fingerless mitts recently (both made from Cascade 220).  I’ll be working back and forth on gifts and the KAL sweater.

I have all day today (Saturday) to knit, watch college football, and spend time with my family.   It is going to be a great day.

FO Friday – While We are KAL-ing Along – Some Sidebar Accomplishments

Inky: Love this pattern, so simple, yet so hip and practical at the same time. The Man Hat!


Not even tinking this. It is getting ripped out completely.  Silly me.  I thought I had made a gauge swatch.  It was inaccurate and now I know that the swatch must be much bigger than the amount you need.  I should have cast on 3x as many stitches as needed.  Well, now, the great knitting inspector should be happy because I cast on 20 times what  I needed (OK, I was knitting the sweater)  and found my gauge too loose, after 9 inches.  That was a shock. ( By the way, does anyone else have a terrible time typing that word?)  Anyway, I have decided to make the sweater two sizes smaller, or about 15% smaller, since my test run was about 15% too big.  I hope this works.  So for posterity, for history, and of course, for the children, here is my first attempt, soon to be a ball again……

Terri's Big Swatch

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