Sometimes I am undecided but now I’m not so sure……

We have decided, the three of us, to knit this sweater pattern. It was all well and good until I actually committed, because then I got cold feet. I am completely overwhelmed by choosing yarn, and the prospect of having something I will not like or wear. We have decided upon a pattern which is simple and straightforward. Generally, I tend toward the hypnotic in patterns, simply because I am a social animal, and the minute I have to start paying attention to the knitting, I cannot participate in the conversation, watch the movie, or whatever. So, I make square things a lot – baby blankets, bibs, etc. Nobody cares if they are the right fit and they are hypnotic repetitive patterns. This pattern we have chosen comes close enough to my social requirements, but there will be increases and shaping. I can deal with that, I think.

I am also concerned that this project involves something to wear. What if I pick the wrong yarn? Do I need a consult with my sister knitters to select yarn for a totally optional garment? Will they laugh at my timidity? Will it hang like a blanket on me? Will it be too thick, too thin, too heavy, too much color? How much thinking will I have to do to make it, and how much tinking will I do to retrieve mistakes made while listening to my Kindle or watching a movie? Do I have to buy what is recommended for the pattern? What if I stray and go rogue with it? How distinct is the possibility that I will end up with a bright orange fuzzy parka that is four feet long when this is all done?

Sister knitters, I seek your aid and support.


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