Stitch gauge

Since I am concerned about ending up with a mis-sized creation, I decided to bite the bullet, submit to authority, and yes – make a gauge swatch. I did so last night. I am using a wool blend from my stash, made by Caron in a deep gray, my plan being to use the sweater as a jacket for work in winter.

I always wear black. Law is funereal.

But I digress, however entertaining my stressors might be.

I made the swatch, using the size 8 needles as directed in the Avocet-B pattern, and was amazed to find that, yet again, my gauge is precisely correct. To be fair, the yarn I am using also has a prescribed needle of size 8 with 5 stitches per inch, which is why I chose it.

Now I am wondering if the fact that my stitch gauge is always the same as that shown on the yarn package means that I am average (most likely) or exceptional (why would they use that size needle, then?)…… On the basis of experience, personally, and in respect to marketers, I am settling on average.

This weekend I am pulling together the yarn, the needles, and the instructions, to bring this sweater on a long-ish car trip.


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