Re: Now I’m Not So Sure….

Ok, just to make sure. We are knitting the Avocet B Cardigan by Norah Gaughan from Berroco Yarns, right?

For me, committing to that long a swath of knitting is akin to torture, if I don’t use a variegated yarn. Just the ADD in me, I guess. I wish I could look at it your way, Terri… that it is repetitive and that I could knit it during movies, etc. I will try. 🙂

As for yarn commitment, I’m more or less a let er rip kind of girl. I like the excitement of picking out the yarn – oooooh so many to choose from. But I am not a high-risk knitter, no sir. I will usually research the pattern on Ravelry, a free website for knitting and crocheting crafters featuring patterns, among other things. I like to see what the yarn looks like knitted up, then color choice, then I’m ready to decide. I make mistakes, sure. Like the time I chose a deep purple to knit a drapey sweater. And well, you know how that turned out. I looked like one of the Fruit of the Loop fruits lol.

So for the sake of adventure and adventure alone, I will try at least a solid-like color. I’m still going with a higher end yarn – you get what you pay for in care and drape.



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  1. weknit3tog
    Sep 12, 2011 @ 17:51:14

    Thanks for posting the pattern. Of course, it has to come out looking like this now.


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