Re: Stitch Gauge

OMG, you are already on STITCH GAUGE, lol???
Ok, I promise I will settle down and choose the yarn. Right now.

I will most likely choose a pop of color (cause it might be in my stash and even though I write for a living, I pretty much dress like an art teacher), or a nice muted tone with a cool name. I am a marketer’s paradise when it comes to shopping lol. I have to create an “atmosphere” around my knitting. 😉

But speaking from personal experience, ahem, I can say that on important stuff, I create a swatch. I am a loose knitter, so I usually have to go down a needle or two. I am toying with trying to switch to Continental knitting – i.e. working yarn is in the left hand and the right needle “picks” up the yarn, through the loop and makes the stitch. It is supposed to be way faster than the way I usually knit – English – i.e. working yarn is in the right hand, and the yarn is thrown around the needle and the stitch is lifted off. Or something like that. lol. (Bear with me, I am a happy person and I laugh a lot)

But I, too, digress.

Swatches. Boring but necessary.
I learned the hard way.


PS Terri, we are gonna loosen you up, girl! No need to think about it. Swatch, measure, rinse and repeat. Till the gauge matches.

Off to an Artisan’s Festival to see the latest in local weaving, knitting, pottery and such!


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