Sidetracked Home Executive….

OK, I admit it. I am sidetracked by some beautiful yarn and a great go-to sock pattern.

Beautiful yarn? Cape Cod Fiber’s Lobster Sox Yarn – colorway? But of course Boiled Lobster lol.

My go-to sock pattern? Fleegle’s Toe-up No Flap No Hassle sock.

I usually do the magic loop thing – you know, a 40-inch circular needle and divide the stitches – but Terri has convinced me to try “Soaring on Two Circular Needles.”

We shall see how it goes.

Anyone else have a favorite sock pattern? I’m willing to try them all, lol.

Meanwhile, this morning it is my mission to find the good stash yarn I was thinking of for our KAL of Avocet B Cardigan and complete a swatch.


PS Hmm. Instead of looking in the stash closet (Oowee Baby, not a place to go right now), I am off to get some fisherman’s wool to try my hand at the Chebeague Island Mitten pattern. My son is a commercial fisherman and it’s getting to be Fall weather on the water. These mittens are supposed to be a go-to for on-the-water people.

And besides, I think I am just procrastinating against what I perceive to be a “long-term” project. I am a creature of habit – of short-term-finish-quick-as-a-bunny patterns. I am working on this in meditation class. One project at a time. Sigh. Now, if I could only control my coffee consumption, I will have it made.


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