Mindless Knitting

Ninnawe:  My knitting falls into one of two categories:  “mindless” or “gotta pay attention.”  I try to always have a “mindless” project on the needles — something I can take with me and is so simple that I can start and stop anywhere, and not need the directions.  Most socks and beanie hats fall into this category.  The “gotta pay attention” is self explanatory.

I think our knitalong sweater will be a hybrid — long periods of mindless knitting with occasional need to consult the directions.  I am looking forward to this.

My favorite sock pattern is the garter rib from Charlene Schurch’s book, Sensational Knitted Socks.  They look great for either a man or woman, they display well in either solid or striping yarn, and they stay up!.  Here’s a couple of pairs I have already made.  I have another pair on the needles now in OnLine yarn.

My favorite sock yarn for socks to be given to others is Regia 4-ply, any color, any print.  Regia yarn can be machine washed and dried in any temperature, with never a hint of felting, so I feel safe in giving them to others with no care restrictions.  For me, I have used more exotic yarns, but I do wash them in cold water and air dry.  I also love Cascade Fixation for shorty ankle-length athletic type socks.  My family loves those and they, too can be washed in warm or hot water and machine dried.

For socks, it’s top down on 5-dpns for me.  I have tried the 2-circular needles but got too frustrated to continue.  I have tons of sock needles, and I always do both socks at the same time anyway.  No boredom that way, and when I’m done, I’m done.



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  1. Chanda Chambliss
    Sep 11, 2011 @ 03:52:52

    Heyy…I know those purple socks…I have some just like that that i’m wearing right now!!!


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