My perfect gauge swatch…..

Well, surely pride (or was it just relief?)  goeth before a fall, but I run ahead of my little saga.

I had determined to stay within a budget of -0- to make the Avocet B sweater.  I made a perfect gauge swatch of 20 by 36 rows, ending up with a very nice 4 x 4 square.  I am tempted to post a picture.   I had pulled out a bunch of gray I had been saving from Caron, a wool blend that is quite nice.  It looked sufficient for the sweater.  I made the swatch.  Then I counted.  I have 10 – 3 oz. (85 grams) balls of it.  The sweater calls for 13 – 100 gram balls.

Needless to say, many thoughts immediately traversed my mind.

Quickly I assessed the situation.  I might shorten the sweater and make a bolero.  That remains an option.  I might make it for my much smaller daughter-in-law instead, which also remains an option, but a tiny bit less inspiring.  I might make it short sleeved, but discarded this immediately.  I might add stripes – the last bastion of the scrapper.  This latter idea holds no appeal since I want the sweater for work, and that look is too sporty.

I have just finished another pair of socks and was anxious to pick up on the Avocet. I have another long car ride ahead of me this weekend and am considering my options.  I may just visit the local yarn store and tempt myself to wonderfulness.  Surely the phone company will understand……..

More later,


Terri and Keith at Foxfire Museum


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