Re: Mindless Knitting & Sock Info

Ninnawe.   Regarding estimating sock yarn.  You’ll find that most yarn packaged as sock yarn is sufficient for a 7-9″ leg and a foot for a large woman’s foot.  This will generally take 400-420 yds to make such a pair, or 100gm.  This assumes a 64 or 72 stitch cast on.  I rarely use 64, but that’s because everyone I make socks for is a size large, or larger.   Worsted weight socks are entirely different, of course.

If a skein of sock yarn has less than 420 yds, I’d look at patterns with a shorter leg portion.  If you get the Charlene Schurch Sensational Socks book, you’ll see her clear explanation of sock cast on information.  She explains well the numbers to use for cast on.

If I’m make an especially large or long sock, I may use a complementary color for the top ribbing, heel flap, and/or toe.  I often pick up orphan 50 gm balls of Regia cheaply, and save that yarn for such a use.  If you look at my grey striped socks in a previous post, you can see that the heel flap and toe are not in stripe.  These socks were long, and in order to keep the stripes equal on both socks, I had to go with different yarn for the heels and toes.

Regarding sock needles, I use the Comfort Zone needles from Knitting On The Go.  I use the CZ 2 or 3 for socks.  Occasionally I will use a 1 for the heel flap, especially if I am doing Socks for Soldiers.  But, when using size 1, I go to a metal needle.  I don’t like the CZ size 1, as I find the point too long and pointy (does that even make sense?).  I am nothing if not eccentric in my needle choices.  If I am using sock yarn to make a shawl or a scarf, I generally use a size 4 or 5 depending on how the swatching/drape comes out.

My primary reason for using the CZ needles is that the yarn does not slip off.  I do most of my knitting on dpns, and with CZs you can lay down your project, even toss it into your purse or knitting bag, and the stitches stay put.

Knitting On The Go used to sell off their website, but I think she had some problems with hacking and spamming.  Now she must be contacted through her blog:


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