This is why I knit baby blankets

Terri ~  Remember me of the gauge swatch?  Sure, I knew you could.  Well, I knit 8 inches of the back of the Avocet-B before I measured the product.  The result is 27.5″ wide.  This is quite disconcerting.  Help me with the math here.  I cast on 120 stitches.  I bound off 10 per the pattern over howevermany rows.  I used dps to spread out the first 8″ of knitting to measure the bottom.  There is no mistaking this.  The result is a very loose 27.5″ wide piece.  It will be a horse blanket at this rate.

Parenthetically, I made banana muffins Wednesday night from scratch without a recipe, and they were delightful.  I went with my instincts, which, as anyone who knows me would say, is very unlike me, insofar as my so called ‘instincts’ are really conclusions based upon a synthesis of facts.  But I trust my instincts, after making some calculations and using experience, of course.

So I tell you what I have decided to do.  (Reference: “I Had Trouble In Getting to Solla Sollew,” by Dr. Suess).

I could go to a smaller needle.  But, I could make a smaller sweater.  That would save stitches and recoup the lost time.  Plus, my instincts tell me that since my shoulders are not of a commensurate size with a 2X, it would likely be a good idea all around, so to speak.  I figure the back should be 24″ wide.  I have made it 15% bigger than the pattern.  Each size increase in the pattern is about 7 – 8%.  I shall go down two sizes, and cast on for a size large, or 100 stitches.


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