FB Conversations Part Deux: The One Where We Get It Right

    • Ninnawe:
    • Yikes I miss wifi….. You guys are having way too much fun. I have decided to frog my sweater and start again. Unhappy with cast on. I did not do the twisty thing like on that video.

    • This morning I cast on a pair of mittens using the twist and I like it much better. Plus there is that glaring mistake 2 inches up from the bottom….at dead center.

    • Terri:
    • Well we missed you too! I have to take mine out too. We shall commiserate.

    • Inky:
    • Hi Linda,
      Hope you didn’t get too overwhelmed by the Immelt/Wheeler clan – we can be quite a handful lol.
      How are you going to cast on the sweater? Like in the video?
      So I am not too far behind then. Great!
      I am definitely doing a 5×5 swatch to get a gauge. But I don’t care if it’s too big – I need big. I need Oh My God size.

    • Have you ever frogged something that you’ve been working on for awhile, just because it had been too long, the directions/details were too fuzzy and would require recounting sections, etc.? I am in shock, but in a good way, because I just did this with my almost finished lobster sox yarn socks. I was just never going to get them right because I didn’t knit them together and/or did not take notes on counts, etc. Interestingly, this is not bugging me. My question is why?

      • Ninnawe:
      • Oh yes I have. That is why I keep 3×5 cards on each project and write down every thing every step of the way … And why I always knit both socks at the same time.

      • I am going to cast on my ‘cable’ way like I showed you except I am going to twist the stitch like she did on the video. I am still going to do a long tail cast on for the first 2 stitches then cast on the required number using my cable technique. Then discarding those first 2 on the knit row back. That way both corners are the same.

      • Terri:
      • why do you discard those two stitches on the way back?

      • Ninnawe:
      • Because they don’t look the same as the cable cast ons, and they are always a little tight and slightly distorted compared to the cable. I want them to be the same if they are going to sewn to another piece, or I want them to be clean and neat if they are the front edge of a sweater.

      • Ninnawe:
      • Teresa, have you ripped out your sweater yet? If not, you might want to measure a swatch on it first. Lay it flat and place pins 4″ apart and measure how many stitches are between the two pins.
      • When swatching, try casting on 1.5 times as many stitches as they call for, and knit the swatch to 5″ in length. Then measure the stitches and rows in the middle of the piece. That is generally more accurate than including the edge stitches in your swatch count.


      • I also knit more than one needle size gauge on the same swatch, if it looks like I’m not getting gauge right away. I just put a marker, change needle size and knit on from there. I also do garter the first and last 4 stitches of the row and the first 4 rows of the gauge so it’s flatter.
        • I think we should do another group post on this info.

      • Ninnawe:

        • Excellent idea …. blog material …
        • I think correct swatching is an art. I hear of people who never throw their swatches away.
        • I also do the multiple size needle thing. Someone once  told me to include the same number of purl stitches as the size needle you’re using on one row of the knit side, then you can tell which is which.

          • I am going to incorporate 3 garter stitches on my swatches from now on. Fabulous idea.

      • Inky:
      • That is an excellent idea. Now I can get this right from the get-go.

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