Not even tinking this. It is getting ripped out completely.  Silly me.  I thought I had made a gauge swatch.  It was inaccurate and now I know that the swatch must be much bigger than the amount you need.  I should have cast on 3x as many stitches as needed.  Well, now, the great knitting inspector should be happy because I cast on 20 times what  I needed (OK, I was knitting the sweater)  and found my gauge too loose, after 9 inches.  That was a shock. ( By the way, does anyone else have a terrible time typing that word?)  Anyway, I have decided to make the sweater two sizes smaller, or about 15% smaller, since my test run was about 15% too big.  I hope this works.  So for posterity, for history, and of course, for the children, here is my first attempt, soon to be a ball again……

Terri's Big Swatch


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