Big Hunk of Pink

ninnawe:  I am in the midst of the armhole decreases.  This is one big hunk of pink knitting I have here.  The XL size in worsted garter stitch is a formidable piece for a small project knitter like me.

I have been reading through the comments on Ravelry from others who have knit this Avocet B, and it seems there is a constant theme:  their gauge is off for this sweater, and the sweater turns out heavier/warmer and a little larger than they originally intended.

So, the WeKnit3Tog ladies are ‘right on’ in our own comments and concerns.

FYI, I put this sweater up as a project in my notebook on Ravelry, and  I put a link to our blog in the comment section.    I have noticed a lot of work-in-progress projects on Ravelry these days.

One more note on decreases:  When I got to the place where it says “bind off 8 stitches on each of the next two rows,” I bound off the first row in purl , and the second row in knit.  That way the bind-off looked the same on both sides.  You know I try always think of the assembly of these pieces.

I have some apprehension of the final assembly, as I don’t think I have ever sewn a sweater together all by myself.  My grandmother did it for me when I was little, and when I was grown I knit raglans in one piece from the neck down.  This fear of mine in another reason I want to increase our blog readership.


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