So, How Big Is YOUR Stash ?

ninnawe:  While marinating my elderly roots in SoColor 6W today, I decided to spend the time unproductively wandering through YouTube at my desk. That way, any drips fall on the vinyl roll mat under my chair, not on the carpet or the couch.

I found this way to bust a large stash:

Knitting with 1,000 Strands at a time

I spent the first part of the 45-minute hair-dye-infusion updating my Excel Spreadsheet of my stash yarns.    A skein here, a skein there … pretty soon it adds up to a real storage problem.

My favorite souvenir from any of my travels is yarn from a LYS. Nevermind that I could get the same yarn online, there is just nothing like feeling and smelling the yarn in person. So, I value my yarns for both what they can be knit into, and where I purchased them.  This last trip was 2 months up and down the East Coast in our motorhome, with lots of opportunities to buy yarn.

I did not disappoint myself, lol.


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  1. weknit3tog
    Oct 07, 2011 @ 21:20:22

    Inky: You are a hoot! I need to learn to do my hair at home. My hairdresser only comes to the island on Saturdays. Who wants to spend 2 hours on a Saturday in the salon?? You must have sat beside me in school, as I have a “travel” stash that would knock your socks all the way off and into the washer. And really, I don’t have good patterns for one skein wonders. They just look a little sad, shell-shocked even, sitting in the rubbermaid bin. A pity, really.

    They do bring fond memories of where I’ve been. Unless there was too much wheedling and foot tapping involved.


  2. weknit3tog
    Oct 09, 2011 @ 04:38:57

    ninnawe: It helps that my daughter is a hairdresser. She taught me how to color hair right. She has me spoiled. I went through at least 7 hair stylists here in Florida before I found one who could do a decent cut. You’d think getting both sides the same length would be Haircutting 101. But, noooooo …. most of the stylists are slam/bam/thank you ma’am, and … “Next!” Even the high priced ones. … /rant over


  3. erin mcdonald
    Oct 17, 2011 @ 21:56:43

    I love the video and agree it is great stash busting, but what I wanna know who’s going to untangle? And what do you do with the end result? I loved the images of all the color coils being hoisted up to the second level. Also, I wonder how long that set up was in place. I can just imagine the hubster complaints.


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