Work-In-Progress Wednesday: No, the OTHER projects, lol

What have we got to distract us with today, Ladies?
Any new scrumptious yarn?
Intriguing pattern?
Languishing UFO (unfinished object)?

I posted my new yarn affaires here, so I won’t be redundant… unless I am lurking on Ravelry and find something even newer, brighter and shinier to entice me. 🙂

Ninnawe or Terri, anything new on the needles?

I think you see I am procrastinating again on our Avocet B KAL.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. weknit3tog
    Oct 05, 2011 @ 16:44:10

    ninnawe: Well, I have today committed my entire stash to an Excel spreadsheet. I do not need to purchase yarn until 2024. All those souvenir skeins I bought on my trip got added in, as well as the other strays in bags under the bed.

    Would you believe the Regia sock yarn skein I bought in the sale bin at KnitWit in Portland is the same dye lot as the 4 skeins I already had on hand? What’s the chance on that? Four skeins from Florida, one skein from Maine.

    I will be finishing the back of the KAL today or tomorrow. Then, will cast on both fronts on a singular circular. Now that the back is nearly done, I am pleased with it. It looks like it will be nice wearable sweater. At the point where the back was only 10″ long, I thought it was horrendous, but I’m glad I stuck with it.

    I will be casting on some more fingerless mittens, and maybe a scarf or two for Christmas gifts. Fortunately, I have been knitting on gifts since March, so I’m almost done.


  2. weknit3tog
    Oct 05, 2011 @ 19:15:08

    Inky: I have three words for you. Oh. Dear. God. A) Excellent idea on the spreadsheet. B) Bad idea on the spreadsheet cause now you have that number 2024 stuck in your head when you go yarn shopping. And you will lol. C) That is amazing, but what Regia sock yarn isn’t, for goodness sake? D) I am letting you blindly lead me into finishing the back. Blind faith. That’s all it is. E) Could I please have some of your brain that holds the organizing parts of a knitting-for-Christmas list?


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