Woo hoo!

Inky: Got my back done, also.

Onto the front. I think, ninnawe, that I will try doing each piece separately, for comparisons.

Started the front – about 2 inches done.

I am knitting like the wind. 🙂


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  1. weknit3tog
    Oct 11, 2011 @ 17:18:09

    ninnawe: Well, If I had thought about it for half a minute, I would have realized it was impossible to knit both fronts on the SAME NEEDLE at the same time. My Duh! Meter went into the red zone and nearly broke the glass when I knit the first row of the left front, then tried to knit the first row of the right front. There I was, with both live ends of yarn smack dab in the middle of the needle, with no way to keep knitting.

    No matter how I tried to make it work, the laws of physics were just against me. I am hoping some other knitter has figured this out. But then, I can’t figure out magic loop knitting either.

    So I shifted to two sets of straight needles. A gold pair for the left front, and a silver pair for the right front. I’m going to knit back and forth on each piece, doing the increases and shaping at the same time on each.

    I am ready to start the decreases on the left front, and have about 1″ done on the right front.


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