Oh NO!


Inky: Well that just plain bites.

The person who “doesn’t follow directions,” didn’t follow directions closely enough this time.

I obsessively knit for hours, it seemed, and come to find out, I cast on for the size below the size I chose.

No way to save this. And I was, oh, 6 inches up on the right front piece.



And, begin again. This time with feeling.


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  1. weknit3tog
    Oct 15, 2011 @ 13:34:04

    When I finished the back of my Avocet B, it was very late one night, and so I left the last 30 neck stitches on a holder, intending to bind them off later. I folded up the piece and put it into my project bag.

    Imagine my surprise when I pulled it out yesterday afternoon to bind off those stitches. About 4 rows back I had done a whole row of purl. And there, as a result, was a nice strip of stockinette right at the neckline of the sweater. A nice design element, perhaps, but not part of this pattern.

    Sigh … when will I learn to stop knitting when I’m tired?


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