Bamboo vs Aluminum

ninnawe:  As I suspected, my gauge on aluminum needles is sightly tighter than on bamboo.  I used a bamboo circular needle to knit the back of the KAL, then switched to two sets of aluminum straight needles to knit the fronts.

The decreases are coming along fine, and they match the back of the sweater.  But the two fronts do not meet at the center.  It is good that this is a cardigan.

I may have to do a bit of blocking on this sweater before I sew the pieces together.   As I posted previously, I have very little experience with knitting pieces and sewing them together.  Is blocking a normal procedure before pieces are assembled?  This yarn is 100% washable wool, so I think it will block nicely.

Advice, anyone?


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  1. esquirette
    Oct 20, 2011 @ 15:17:36

    Ninnawe: Your sweater looks lovely. I am surprised at the gauge difference, though. I never would have suspected that at all. I may stick with doing my two fronts on one long circular. Terri


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