WIP Wednesday: While I Have Been Procrastinating Part 2

Ok I am dragging my lame a** feet on this cardigan. And why? I think it’s the color. Not stimulating enough to keep me interested. There, I admitted it.

Here is what I’ve been working on:

The Urchin Set, I call it. Consists of a variation of the Big Button Hat, and a rustic-style gauntlet I devised.


Back to the sweater.


Nearly Finished

ninnawe:   I have finished the knitting portion of the sweater. I had finished most of my Christmas projects a while back, so I devoted most of my Thanksgiving break to knitting on this sweater. My formula for the short sleeves is below, and is somewhat different from what I wrote in my earlier post.

knit at the same time on one 24" circular needle

Short sleeve directions for 1X:

  • Cast on 68 stitches
  • Knit in garter stitch for 8 rows, ending on WS
  • Inc 1 st on each end, every 4th row, until 80 stitches, end on WS
  • Knit in garter stitch until 5-1/2″ from beg
  • Shape Cap as in original directions.

I will block and assemble the pieces when I get back home after the Thanksgiving holiday.    This will be a beautiful sweater.


Making Real Progress

ninnawe: I finished both of the fronts. Looking good. I have decided to make this short sleeved, so I am casting on 80 stitches for each sleeve, then knitting 6″ straight before doing the shaping. This corresponds to where the as-written pattern would be.

I’m Going Short Sleeved

Ninnawe: Someone recently put up a short sleeved version of the Avocet B on Ravelry. Bless her heart! And, her project page tells how to reshape the sleeves for the short version. Since I live in a warm weather climate, I am going to do this short sleeve version. Check out the link and see her picture below. Lovely.

Short Sleeve Avocet B on Ravelry

Progress & Finished Objects

ninnawe:  There is progress here in Ninnaville.  I have completed both front pieces up to the shoulder shaping.  I don’t think it’s going to fit, without some aggressive blocking.  Now, I wish I had not done the shaping on the sides.  My body shape does not match this shaping.   It would have been better for me to just knit the thing straight.  I have plenty of yarn.

I will be doomed to wearing a gut-sucker with this sweater, at least until I resolve to lose some pounds.    But, I do like the way the yarn drapes, and the color is growing on me.

As my sorbet knitting … here are some FO’s for a Friday.  These are mostly Christmas gifts.   So, to all my friends … yes, these are the things I am knitting for gifts for YOU.   But, you don’t know who is getting what.