Bloggus Interruptus

Ninnawe:   I’m back, as well.  Thanks, Inky, for getting this ship on course again.

As my re-entry to this site, I’d like to share one knitting incident that happened to me a few weeks ago.   I had left a small knitting bag (with one sock on the needles) sitting on the front seat of my car in the WalMart  parking lot while I went in for a few groceries.  Before I got out of the car, I’ll admit I looked at the bag … one of those little canvas bags you can get at Michael’s for $1 or so … and I thought, “Hmm, would someone looking into my car think this was a purse sitting on the seat?”  I satisfied myself that no one would, and so I locked the doors, and went into the store.

Of course, you know what I found upon my return.  The car had been broken into and the bag was gone.    Nothing else was missing … not the Garmin, not the choir music, not the phone charger … nothing.  Not only did I feel horribly violated that someone had broken into my car, I was also chagrined to know that the other sock was at home, now orphaned.  Dang.  I envisioned frogging, and then remaking that 50 grams into shortie socks, or a scarf or some such.

Then I thought of Ravelry.  I searched the yarn data base, and miraculously, found a woman who had one skein of the same yarn IN THE SAME DYELOT (yes I am shouting) for sale.    Within a week I had my stolen yarn replaced, and was finishing the pair of socks.

I wonder how much the thief got on the street for 50 grams of Regia 4-ply?


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