Knitting slump

I knit for the Zen of it. I don’t really like to follow patterns, and I like the rhythmic motion of knitting and using my hands. Plus, I like to get things done. Therefore, I make a lot of square things because nobody cares if they fit.  My favorites are baby blankets, hats, and those shapeless little things you put on hapless tikes before they learn to protest. On top of that, no one looks that gift horse in the mouth.

My rationale is that I already do enough thinking with work, but at work, I don’t have a ‘product.’ It’s pretty much just thinking and talking. So all my problems are solved with knitting simple stuff. I don’t have to think much for my leisure, and I get a tangible item, with the bonus of being able to look at something just long enough to finish it and give it away.

To be honest, the thought of making something for myself at this point seems not only selfish, since it would be at the expense of my charity efforts (which is not to betray any illusion that my contributions would really be missed), but I would be confronted with those known defects every time I saw the item in my house.

This has all contributed to the Avocet B default. This simple pattern that I promised I would complete with my fellow bloggers and readers continues to occupy a topless Tupperware bin on the floor of my closet. It mocks me from afar.

I have suggested that the next KAL be a simple bag. Can you spell ‘rectangle?’ Sure. I knew you could.



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