The Wedding Shawl – Part 3

Ninnawe:  Let’s get this thing started.  It’s my first lace shawl and I’m anxious to get going on it.

Everything goes well at first, except I think a garter tab beginning would have been much nicer.  To be honest, I always wondered why so many shawls start with a garter strip, but once I had the first 25 rows or so completed,  I figured it out.  That garter tab makes the beginning edge of the shawl looks almost exactly like the 3-stitch garter border.  That thud you just heard was the palm of my hand hitting my forehead.

Things went along swimmingly for the most part.  I worked through a couple of oops moments early on, owing to my practice of knitting while watching TV talking with hubby).  I miscounted somehow; I knit through the stitch below (more than once); I tinked a few times and snarled at myself for not paying attention.

But eventually I settled in and found that the basic 4-row lace pattern is exceedingly simple.  (There are two small typos on the chart, but easy to figure out.)  More quickly that I envisioned, I completed 12 rounds of the lace pattern; I decided to do 14 rounds to make it a little bigger.

Fast forward to day before yesterday.  I was ensconced on my side of the couch (aka Knitting Central), and my dear husband was sitting on the opposite end of the couch.  I was nearing completion of round 13 of the pattern as we watched Judge Judy on TV.

Then …. WHAM … mi esposo, my soulmate, my hero . . . knocked over a full glass of Red Pop sitting on his end table. Red is everywhere.  We have light beige carpet.

Chaos ensues.  I cared not a whit for my husband’s well being, nor for the condition of the carpet.  No, my first thought was The Wedding Shawl.  Fortunately, none of the soda made its way to Knitting Central or its environs.  (Fortunately for my husband, that is, because there could easily have been blood mixed with the Red Pop.)  I am certain a jury of my knitting peers would not have convicted me for what I might have done at that point had any Red Pop spray made it over to my side of the couch.

After the excitement died down my dear husband and I both spoke one of our favorite sayings: “We’re just making memories.”

And so love and knitting go on.  I’m almost at the end of the lace repeats, and have decided to put some small beads around the bottom of the edging.  I have never done much beading with my knitting.  That  should be good for another paragraph or two.


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