Bloggus Interruptus

Ninnawe:   I’m back, as well.  Thanks, Inky, for getting this ship on course again.

As my re-entry to this site, I’d like to share one knitting incident that happened to me a few weeks ago.   I had left a small knitting bag (with one sock on the needles) sitting on the front seat of my car in the WalMart  parking lot while I went in for a few groceries.  Before I got out of the car, I’ll admit I looked at the bag … one of those little canvas bags you can get at Michael’s for $1 or so … and I thought, “Hmm, would someone looking into my car think this was a purse sitting on the seat?”  I satisfied myself that no one would, and so I locked the doors, and went into the store.

Of course, you know what I found upon my return.  The car had been broken into and the bag was gone.    Nothing else was missing … not the Garmin, not the choir music, not the phone charger … nothing.  Not only did I feel horribly violated that someone had broken into my car, I was also chagrined to know that the other sock was at home, now orphaned.  Dang.  I envisioned frogging, and then remaking that 50 grams into shortie socks, or a scarf or some such.

Then I thought of Ravelry.  I searched the yarn data base, and miraculously, found a woman who had one skein of the same yarn IN THE SAME DYELOT (yes I am shouting) for sale.    Within a week I had my stolen yarn replaced, and was finishing the pair of socks.

I wonder how much the thief got on the street for 50 grams of Regia 4-ply?



In the past 5 years I have rediscovered the knitting skills taught to me by my grandmother and great grandmother when I was a young child. I’m sure they never thought I would amount to much of a knitter, but they patiently taught me as much as I wanted to learn and gladly repaired my mistakes.

I did not carry any love for knitting into adulthood. Oh, there was the occasional sweater for husband or child, but I had no passion for the craft.

Now in my retirement, I have become a Knitter. I have rediscovered the fiber world, and there is no turning back. The grandmothers would be surprised to know I now knit socks and shawls and hats and gloves. I finally have the love for knitting that they tried to instill in me.

So off we go into this adventure, the three of us … sisters in DNA or spirit.

Empty Knester

After 27 continuous years of child rearing, and home schooling, I am about to become an empty knester. Thank you, Lord for Your kind attention to my prayers that begged for your provision, protection, and wisdom. You did a great job. Keep them on Your path.

Second to mommy-hood, Knitter Terri is a lawyer, and third, only by necessity and economics, a knitter, recovering acrylic user, and reformed crocheter. I love this simple pattern we are going to craft together, and love the friendship this blog represents.

Hello, My Name is….

Inky: I am a closet knitaholic. By day, I split my time between designing felted hats and freelance business writing. By night I’m always on the prowl for a better yarn, better design, better color combo. And, there isn’t a yarn I don’t want to touch, smell, put up to my face and luxuriate in its halo.

I’m gratified by the act of creating in yarn. Curiosity is my driving force, for better or for worse, all in the name of knitting. I’m blessed to have rekindled my childhood friendships. And to have discovered they are fellow knitters with very different perspectives… well! Can you say serendipity?


We three friends

having found each other after some years of jobs, child rearing, and crafting when possible, have decided to share a blog, do some knit-a-longs, and share our progress.