Knitting slump

I knit for the Zen of it. I don’t really like to follow patterns, and I like the rhythmic motion of knitting and using my hands. Plus, I like to get things done. Therefore, I make a lot of square things because nobody cares if they fit.  My favorites are baby blankets, hats, and those shapeless little things you put on hapless tikes before they learn to protest. On top of that, no one looks that gift horse in the mouth.

My rationale is that I already do enough thinking with work, but at work, I don’t have a ‘product.’ It’s pretty much just thinking and talking. So all my problems are solved with knitting simple stuff. I don’t have to think much for my leisure, and I get a tangible item, with the bonus of being able to look at something just long enough to finish it and give it away.

To be honest, the thought of making something for myself at this point seems not only selfish, since it would be at the expense of my charity efforts (which is not to betray any illusion that my contributions would really be missed), but I would be confronted with those known defects every time I saw the item in my house.

This has all contributed to the Avocet B default. This simple pattern that I promised I would complete with my fellow bloggers and readers continues to occupy a topless Tupperware bin on the floor of my closet. It mocks me from afar.

I have suggested that the next KAL be a simple bag. Can you spell ‘rectangle?’ Sure. I knew you could.



WOW. Has it been that long? lol

Ok, let me reintroduce myself.
Hi, I’m Inky.
A KNOWN procrastinator, lol.

LOL. If you only knew.

But, whatever.

I am seeing that it has been, what? Oh, a little over 5 months since I last posted here.


I am in favor of saying, “Folks, if you are looking for info. regarding our Avocet B Cardigan KIL, that ship has sailed.” Heh.

I would like to propose to my fellow blog authors that we clear the decks with a neutral “getting back to knowing you and what you are about as a knitter” post, and then find a short, snappy, heck-I-can-do-this-with-my-eyes-closed KIL and move forward.

What say Ye, Ninnawe and Esquirette?



Nearly Finished

ninnawe:   I have finished the knitting portion of the sweater. I had finished most of my Christmas projects a while back, so I devoted most of my Thanksgiving break to knitting on this sweater. My formula for the short sleeves is below, and is somewhat different from what I wrote in my earlier post.

knit at the same time on one 24" circular needle

Short sleeve directions for 1X:

  • Cast on 68 stitches
  • Knit in garter stitch for 8 rows, ending on WS
  • Inc 1 st on each end, every 4th row, until 80 stitches, end on WS
  • Knit in garter stitch until 5-1/2″ from beg
  • Shape Cap as in original directions.

I will block and assemble the pieces when I get back home after the Thanksgiving holiday.    This will be a beautiful sweater.


Making Real Progress

ninnawe: I finished both of the fronts. Looking good. I have decided to make this short sleeved, so I am casting on 80 stitches for each sleeve, then knitting 6″ straight before doing the shaping. This corresponds to where the as-written pattern would be.

I’m Going Short Sleeved

Ninnawe: Someone recently put up a short sleeved version of the Avocet B on Ravelry. Bless her heart! And, her project page tells how to reshape the sleeves for the short version. Since I live in a warm weather climate, I am going to do this short sleeve version. Check out the link and see her picture below. Lovely.

Short Sleeve Avocet B on Ravelry

Bamboo vs Aluminum

ninnawe:  As I suspected, my gauge on aluminum needles is sightly tighter than on bamboo.  I used a bamboo circular needle to knit the back of the KAL, then switched to two sets of aluminum straight needles to knit the fronts.

The decreases are coming along fine, and they match the back of the sweater.  But the two fronts do not meet at the center.  It is good that this is a cardigan.

I may have to do a bit of blocking on this sweater before I sew the pieces together.   As I posted previously, I have very little experience with knitting pieces and sewing them together.  Is blocking a normal procedure before pieces are assembled?  This yarn is 100% washable wool, so I think it will block nicely.

Advice, anyone?

Up in arms!

Repeat readers might remember that I was concerned about ending up with a garment that does not fit well, despite several attempts at swatching and sessions of de-knitting the back of the Avocet B.  Well, I finally determined that I am the size that I am and forged ahead with the cast on that I did the first time.  One’s first instinct is best on tests.

I did the decreases and increases on the back, and it is evident that they are actually shaping the sweater, which is great, despite my misgivings that I probably will not supply equal and opposite shaping as I wear it.  My progress has gone on to the arm shaping, and I hope to finish this weekend with the back…… Someone hold me to it.  Please.  Two birthday parties for grown kiddies intervene, along with the commensurate temptations by cake, junk food, etc. which will, of course, hamper even more my equals and opposites.

Up to the arms.

up in arms!

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