Oh My. FB Conversations: The One Where Angst Is Involved

    • Terri: wait till you read the blog. i have disaster on my hands here

    • 19 minutes ago

    • Inky:
    • Ruh-roh. Let me go look.
    • oh. my. I am going to have the same problem then.

    • 16 minutes ago

    • Terri:
    • have not posted yet
    • i am calculating

    • i calculated

    • and it is good thing that these things are stectchy

    • stretchy?

    • 9 minutes ago

    • Inky:
    • Garter is very forgiving, hence the reason I knit it. So do I need to go up a needle then?
    • 12 minutes ago
    • Terri:
    • I am going down two sizes based upon my calculations that i have made the sweater 15% too big and each size increase is about 7-8%
    • otherwise i would have to go with a size 5 needle and would not be done with this until i am retired or dead
    • 11 minutes ago
    • Inky:
    • Oh Boy. Not good. I have no idea what size I should knit then.
    • 10 minutes ago
    • Terri:
    • it’s me
    • i am a loose knitted
    • knitter
    • and i guess i got looser
    • 10 minutes ago
    • Inky:
    • Yeah, but you made gauge.
    • 10 minutes ago
    • Terri:oy vey as they say in Cols
    • it’s a mystery
    • there is a sprite that condemns a lot of my sewing projects in the same way
    • 9 minutes ago
    • Inky:
    • That must be the one that visits me.
    • Maybe I should make a waaay bigger swatch? To see if I loosen up as I get going?
    • 8 minutes ago
    • Terri:
    • that would probably be wise
    • why are we not blogging this?
    • this is knitting angst
    • lol
    • by the way, i think that the reason husband got me the art class was to get me to put down my knitting
    • sneaky
    • 5 minutes ago
    • Inky:
    • Indeed.
    • Going to go get Z-pak. The chest cold has won.

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